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my heart to yours...

Everything I have studied thus far has carried me further along the path of truth, beauty, and love. I call this divinity. I call this the ultimate dance of our life energies - understanding what it means to create a positive, balanced, vital beat in our everyday experience. It is quite possible and actually easier than you may realize...

The dance continues,


and I am passionate about sharing it with you and helping you find your beauty and inspiration in everyday life and living. It’s a matter of attunement and embodiment and it is truly already inside you...

I have always loved to be surrounded by beauty and inspiration. I remember creating that for myself as a young girl. it wasn’t always what it may seem like. My family wasn’t perfect and it was mostly in the imperfections of things that the beauty and inspiration would appear.


My imagination was my best friend and allowed me to create new worlds and habitats within my childhood home, neighborhood and landscape.  At 16, I spent  a year abroad living in Scandinavia and I began to understand the impact of culture, art, design and the unique ways we inhabit ourselves.


My continued desire for creativity and adventure drove me to a fashion and design career in NYC, studying and working for many years. NYC was also a big teacher for me in my 20’s. Everyday a fast paced move towards the ultimate career and happiness….  I felt I downloaded a lifetime in 11 years of living in that city. I left there with my two small daughters as a single mother and returned home to Rhode Island.

I continued studies in Interior Design and Feng Shui, and through a loving friend I found my way to a yoga class. I was truly home. I felt I worked backwards and forwards on my mat before I could really find my present moment. This too felt like beauty and inspiration from the inside moving out. I began to really study yoga and started teaching in 1998. It has been a deep journey towards understanding what makes me whole and happy, and what doesn’t. Its constantly changing and we are these dynamic particles of light and shadow playing out in different forms.  I try my best everyday, to see everything as sacred. My body. My mind. My heart. My home. My family. My friends, the bed I sleep in, the food I prepare, the music I listen to.  The way we move, breathe and live is sacred...all one, all connected.  It allowed me to move deep into my body, mind and heart. It was then I realized this path was infinite and infinitely blessed. The people that show up on their mats are beautiful and inspiring.  That, along with the deep ancient healing teachings of yoga allow me to LOVE what I do everyday.


​I went on to study Thai yoga massage, and learning how to hold space for people in private sessions. I love this work, and it is an integral part of how I give to the world.

I found my personal practice in the body practices of yoga changing . My rhythms were changing. My impulses. I wanted to move differently. I began to study sacred dance . I always wanted to dance as a little girl…. (we all whirled as little children!) . But as I deepen into my body, mind and heart, it is clear there is more to learn, more to be revealed, more to share….so the dance continues…

list of studies

ATMA Yoga 500 hr 2015, Dance of Oneness 2011, Level 1 Reiki Certification 2010, ATMA Yoga 200hr 2009, Thai Yoga Massage level 1 2006, level 2 2007, Feng Shui Certification, New England School of Feng Shui 2004, Primary Series –Ashtanga yoga certification 2004, 200 hr certification vinyasa style yoga 2003, Interior Design Certification Rhode Island School of Design 2003, teaching yoga since 1998, BS Marketing, Associates Fashion, Buying & Merchandising Fashion Institute NYC 1993

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"Sheri Silva’s practice brings together all the best physical and spiritual elements of yoga in a calm, kind, thoughtful way. It’s obvious from the first moments of class that Sheri doesn’t just understand yoga at the deepest level, she embodies it. Her practices are a combination of challenge and reward, intense yet skillfully calm. And while some teachers struggle to make yoga work on every level for their students, Sheri obviously understands how to meet the students where they are, and creatively refines her practice for the audience that day. She makes each class a special journey,

one that you’ll want to take

over and over."

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