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because everyone is different...

...your session will show up differently every time.  What is included in a session?  Whatever you need from it today.  But you can expect to use and experience yoga and sacred movement, thai bodywork, and breath work.

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We want to create beauty in as many ways as possible—from the way we dress, to the way we create our food, to the way we live, the way we relate to our community, the way we make love, write poetry, sing, dance, pray.

Beauty flows from within...


​Women are meant to seek, create, and embody beauty.  It soothes the soul, inspires love, balances the nervous system, and invites divinity; a world without beauty is a world without inspiration and meaning.

When we disconnect from our value system, we block the ability to create harmony in both our lives and those we love.  When we disconnect from our innate talent and love of beauty, our self-esteem takes a hit.  When we disconnect from our natural affinity and desire to create beauty, we block our own flow.  


I would be so happy to help you.



I dialogue with my clients about what they need and specifically what motivated them to reach out to me.  I give individualized attention based on the specific needs of clients and we determine together what is wanted and needed. We leave space for inspiration to guide us, as well as skill and talent, a merge of both life-changing and playful.

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